At Indesign, we understand that to be successful, a brand or retailer should be able to connect with customers on an emotional level. To create this connection, it must be able to differentiate itself from the competition, aligning its products and services with the values, desires, possibilities and expectations of the target public. Differentiation is always linked to the ability to create value and provide a memorable shopping experience, essential to generating traffic, selling, building loyalty and establish brand equity.

A brand is much more than a logo, a product or a service. The place of a brand lies in the minds and hearts of the consumers. A brand is made up of stories and experiences that, eventually, create feelings; when many people share them, the brand flourishes.

Functionality, innovation and design are essential tools to building brand equity, generating a loyal customer base and promoting sales.

Design is here and now. As much for building a store as for launching a campaign, we start with an idea that passes to development through a plan. Each design is a plan and each plan is a design. We realize the power of design through both the devices we use and the environment we inhabit. Our encounter with the design defines our daily routine; it connects us to the world.

Design makes a brand tangible and real. Thanks to design, we see much of what the brand means and respond to it in kind. Design opens the door to understanding the brand. It makes it possible for us to access it.

When design reaches excellence, it generates desire and attraction. All design processes conducted with integrity and consistency produce an irresistible call to purchase.

Infografia Indesign Project


When clients choose indesign, they are selecting not just an agency, but an integrated service company and a unique methodology for project development.
Most agencies listen to a briefing and come back to their client with creative ideas based on different themes. They do not invest time in getting to know the user or the competition. Most agencies focus on the client’s “likes” or “dislikes” of the proposed ideas. Similarly, the client often makes the final decision based on its “taste”.
Indesign works in a different way and with a unique method based on design thinking, or to be more accurate, on a revolutionary approach, which we call radical design thinking.

Indesign investigates (empathizes and understands), defines (conceptualizes and synthetizes), ideates (creates and shapes), prototypes, tests and finally leads implementation. It is the investigation of the environment, which allows one to size up solutions; of the market, which allows one to identify opportunities; of the trends, which allows one to

Influence habits; and most of all the understanding of the competition, which allows one to create a strong point of difference; and of the user, which allows one to define the needs that starts the process of generating a winning result.

If the proposed solution takes into consideration all of these elements, independently from the background themes, it will be a winning and prosperous one. This is the reason why Indesign creates a focused proposition: the objective is not to fulfill its inspiration or the client’s personal preferences; the issue is to present creative, original and functional solutions which take into consideration the environment, the market, and the trends, in addition to surpassing the competition and fulfilling the needs of the user. indesign solutions are based on a scientific process; they do not include arbitrary opinions in the equation. They consider, however, the strengths and weakness of the organization, which will be implementing and managing the concept created.

At indesign we celebrate being chosen, and we turn to projects with all our passion for design.