Client: Devlyn Ópticos
Brand: Devlyn
Location: Mexico
Objetive: Rediseñar la imagen del grupo y marca DEVLYN y sus puntos de venta


The project aimed to redesign and update the image of the DEVLYN GROUP, the DEVLYN brand as well as its outlets in the Republic of Mexico. Without losing the iconic values of the brand, professionalism and technology, the challenge was to promote new ones like design and fashion.


Optical stores are no longer just functional points-of-sale where customers can go to have their vision checked and choose a pair of glasses based on the diagnosis. Optical stores have now become fashion stores where customers can receive eye care without sacrificing the experience of an attractive and pleasant space.
To that end, indesign redesigned the image of the brand and its sub-brands by updating them and conferring them more personality. Moreover, different types of stores were designed: much more attractive, up-to-date and in-line with the wish to please both the current clientel and the new segments DEVLYN seeks to attract.


In designing the space, emphasis was placed on the perimeter of the store where the product is presented, differentiat- ing the various categories through color and signage.
The central part of the store was earmarked for the highlighted presentation of some models with display stands that make the product stand out.
With regard to the materials used, warm and neutral wood was chosen as the basis for furnishings. What was sought was contrast with colored methacrylate/acrylic that highlights and enhances the products.

Technological elements like Videowalls were strategically placed on the outside, to dynamically connect with passersby, and inside, to promote products and to complement the shopping experience.


During the process of redesigning the architecture of brand DEVLYN as the umbrella, this project required creating a graphic symbol that would help identify the sub-brands Solare, Vetro and Optimart as part of the same group. The chal- lenge was met with success integrating a new imago-type.