Bola de Oro




Client: Bola de oro
Brand: Bola de Oro
Location: Veracruz, México
Objetive: Create an upbeat coffeehouse space


The challenge of this project was creating a new Bola de Oro environment and updating the brand visual image so as to successfully compete with major international brands like Starbucks.


indesign has created for Bola de Oro a comprehensive replicable model in which the space provides the customer with a unique experience that stimulates the senses. A concept inspired by nature and design. In addition to being a place for tasting, the new Bola de Oro coffeehouse is a place of learning and discovering, where the customer is informed about the benefits of coffee and where attractive pairings are proposed.
As a result of this intervention, transactions and sales has increased and so the opportunity to expand to new areas of Mexico and to open new channels for the company products.


The design process started with the definition of a functional layout that allows for a dynamic flow. The new zoning defines multipurpose areas offering product trial, services, shopping opportunities, entertainment and fun: the counter, which is presented as a hub where most of the sales and service activity take place; a gaming and read- ing space with books, magazines and games; a confortable and differentiated seating area that invite to enjoy the space and the products.

Pictures of fields and coffee production process adorn the walls side by side with carefully selected attrezzi, deco- rating the environment while bringing a pleasant feeling of warmth and authenticity to the space.

Architecturally, indesign used materials that refer to the farm and warehouses where the product is processed and stored. Examples are the wooden beams that, in addition to absorbing the noise, add character and personal- ity to the environment.

The furniture has been designed specifically for each area and responds perfectly to the concept in terms of both shapes and finishes.


The biggest challenge of this project was the broad scope. indesign had to create not only a stunning space and an up-to-date brand, but also stimulate product innovation, shopping experience and client engagement.