Client: Grupo Bafar
Brand: BIF
Location: Chihuahua, México
Objetive: To transform BIF butcher’s shops into a new environment


For BAFAR Group, with chains of butcher’s shops distributed throughout Mexico, the proposal was a change in the business model consisting in conventional meat shops, and moving to a multi-catagory space based on offering new services, product trial, shopping opportunities and entertainment.


During the demise of traditional butchers in Mexico, due to the increase in supermarket chains, the BIF model stopped working. The mission of indesign was to get involved at both the tactical and strategic levels so as to improve many as- pects: the product offering, merchandising, the brand visual identity, the store environment, the connection with clients and the shopping experience. As a result of all these improvements, sales and margin increased.

Indesign designed a new eye-catching space and a fresher brand, original and consistent with target consumer, to ensure a successful re-launch and to stimulate continued interest in potential customers. The environment provides a nice framework with an approachable and rustic ranch style, reflecting the values of freshness, quality, technology, service and trust that the brand needs to communicate to emotionally connect to its consumers.


The design process started by drawing a new layout, so that the star product, the meat, can coexists side-by-side with- out loosing its prima-donna role, with the complementary products. On the other side, the new design added service areas: for degustation and eating, prepared meals, easy cocking, coffee and snacks etc., creating an optimal balance among exhibition, services, sales and fun.
The project also features informative areas where recipes and related shopping list are given out, so that customers can save time and take advantage of healthy dietary suggestions. A merchandising that exhibits meet according the way it is best cooked and screens proposing different culinary techniques and ideas complement the service portfolio. Architecturally indesign used materials that emphasize the rustic style but with a substantial modern feeling, such as bricks with a light gray patina which give texture to the walls, contrasting with the very modern, red epoxy flooring; such as enameled iron lamps and bleached wood furniture which allude to Mexican ranchos and thereby harmonize the space in a very original way; such as graphic images that evoke the freshness of fields and pastures.


This project required a complete overhaul as the current model was at a critical moment. Therefore, a comprehensive re-structuring, re-branding, re-design and a new catalog of primary and secondary products and services were imple- mented. This is how indesign was able to transform a business in decline into a successful one that reached a leading position in the meat sector of the region.